Clouds in the City

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Clouds in the City Cup

Third Edition Amsterdam

*October 1st till 4th 2020

Important: Due to COVID-19 dates for this year may change. All judge passes will be valid for new dates
Special Edition
  • We aim to bring the “Clouds Back to the City”
  • Explore Amsterdam’s world-famous culture
  • Provide an affordable, value for money event for everyone
  • New unbiased, fair and transparent Judging (App Based)
  • Give credit and recognition to the new and existing breeders, growers, and extractors from around the world.

      Let's Create Clouds Together

There are 2 Competitions and 2 types of Judges

VIP Judge and Coffeeshop Judge

VIP Judge Pass

  • VIP Judge Passes – SOLD OUT – 
  • Judging from 1st till 4th October (4 days)

Coffeeshop Judge Pass

  • As a  judge, you will get the chance to visit Coffeeshops.
  • Coffeeshop judges purchase/buy entries from coffeeshops.
  • Judging from 2nd till 4th October (3 days)

Vote on:

  • Coffeeshop Best Flower
  • Coffeeshop Best Hash
  • Best Coffeeshop
  • Best Budtending Team (Customer Service/Knowledge)

Early Bird passes Just 27 Euros!

*For information please Email:


  • Registration for the clouds in the city cup is now open for competitors.
  •  It’s strictly a Blind Judged competition, no branding!

All types Competitors s are welcome such as coffee-shop’s, clubs, extractors, growers, breeders and private/independent entrants can enter the VIP competition.

VIP categories:

  • VIP Best Sativa
  • VIP Best Indica
  • VIP Best Traditional Hash (DrySift)
  • VIP Best Extract Hash (Ice/Bubble/IWE)
  • VIP Best Artisan (BHO/Rosin)
  • VIP Best CBD Product
  • VIP Best Edible

For more information/bases/Register please Email 


If you would like to Sponsor/Collaborate or Partner with our event this year,please get in touch.


Thank you so much for your support!

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