Clouds in the City Cup

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The “Hall of Clouds” 2020 Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Cup 2019

On the 3rd to 6th of October 2019, we will be holding the Second Edition of the “Clouds in the City” Cup in Amsterdam.

Judges will have an amazing chance to explore coffeeshops, seed banks, vape shops, chill bars, cafes and have the opportunity to really experience Amsterdam’s world famous culture.

  • We aim to bring the “Clouds Back to the City”

  • Provide an affordable, value for money event for everyone

  • Highlight Amsterdam’s unique cannabis culture

  • Implement unbiased, fair and transparent Judging

  • Give credit and recognition to the amazing breeders, growers and extractors

  • Listen to community feedback

*There are 2 competitions VIP Judge and Coffeeshop Judge

*VIP Judge passes are very limited  SOLD OUT

* Coffeeshop Judge passes are limited  SOLD OUT

Coffeeshop Judge

As a judge you will get the chance to visit Coffeeshops, try their products and vote on each:

  • Best Flower

  • Best Hash

  • Best Coffeeshop

  • Best Budtending Team

As well as  judging, you will have the unique chance take part in many of the private activities over the 4 days including:

  • Soma’s Sacred Session

  • Special Guest Lectures

  • The Lab of Clouds

Coffeeshop Judges “purchase” coffeeshop entries from the coffeeshops involved.


Competitors such as breeders,coffeeshops,extractors,growers and private entries can enter in the VIP categories:

  • Indica

  • Sativa

  • Hash – DrySift-

  • Extract Hash – Ice-o-lator/Bubble-

  • Artisan – BHO –

  • CBD – Flower/Topicals/Concerntrates –

  • Edibles

*Please email for full details!

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Thank you so much for your support!

If you would like to sponsor our cup 2020 please email us!

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